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I feel like every time I sit down to write, I want to say that there have been ups and downs….

Truth? There are. Always. One great day, one so-so day, one pretty crappy day. Sometimes related to the scale, sometimes related to my mood, some days related to nothing specific.

Consistency with diet has not been my strength in the past. I am learning through experience that consistency is key. The only thing that will work is to form good habits, and to stick with them. Day in, day out, week in, week out. Even when things seem tough, and you don’t ‘wanna’…keep going. Stick with the plan….

This time around feels NOTHING like the last time. I am not filled with as much anxiety, I think because I know what to expect. Somewhat.

I am trying as much as possible to keep up my intensity, and to keep challenging myself. My friends keep me honest, and where I cannot see myself clearly, they are my eyes. When I am feeling a little sorry for myself, they deliver a quick kick in the butt to keep me moving. The key for me, will be to keep moving. These last couple of weeks have reminded me of the importance of a good sleep and rest, the inaccuracy of the scale, and most importantly, that when you push yourself REALLY hard….you actually ‘don’t’ break :).

I’m loving every second of round 2. I am excited by the changes I can feel, and hopefully soon will be able to see. I realize that I will need to ‘Ebb and Flow’, and enjoy where I am in every passing moment. Every challenge will be met with a smile, the occasional tear, and you guessed it. Consistency.

23 weeks to the stage.


So, my first competition has come and gone…what’s next?

This was only meant to be the beginning of a new lifestyle for me. I am learning that I love and need to be challenged in life, so setting new goals for myself is not uncommon.

My latest goal is to cook something ‘Paleo’ for the month of July….why? Since competing, I have found that many of the foods I used to really enjoy do not taste the same to me, nor do they agree with me. I also would like to ‘just’ live life, and feel great. I notice that when I eat grains/bread/pasta etc…I feel bloated and tired.

Having done a LOT of research, while getting my brain to cooperate will probably be a little bit of a challenge, I know my body will thank me for making this switch.

Day 1 of my challenge, I made Egg cupcakes from the recipe book ‘Everyday Paleo’ by Sarah Fragoso. I substituted some of the ingredients..

7 whole eggs
1 cup egg whites
1 large sweet potato (grated)
3 oz turkey breast diced
2 cups yellow red orange peppers
4 cups chopped spinach
1/2 red onion chopped
black pepper

(I roasted the peppers, onion and grated sweet potatoes in the oven while I gathered all other ingredients…probably about 10 mins…to soften)

Spray muffin tins
Preheat oven to 350
Whisk eggs and pepper in a big bowl
Add chopped spinach
Add roasted veggies
pour into muffin tins (makes about 24)

They turned out great! Jeff tried it…the boys did not…lol…they stuck to the muffin tin a bit more than I would have hoped, so the next time, I will make them in the silicone type muffin tins….

Storage tip? Wrap in saran wrap or ziploc bags and freeze…

Check back for what I make tomorrow…avocado…mmm!!