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I am really enjoying this off season and have learned a lot about what it will take to make it through my next prep for competition.

When I prepped for my last competition I felt anxious and nervous that my body wouldn’t do what it needed in order to make it to the stage. What I have realized NOW is, if I put in 100% which is what I intend to do, my body will be the best it can, and will look as it is intended to. My plan is not crazy, well, not to me. I am going to trust myself, take the lessons I have learned, and move forward with quiet commitment.

I intend to be gentle with my inner fat girl, and slowly wean off of her during the 20 weeks in which I intend to prep.

During my first prep, I had major issues with my love for ketchup and cool whip, which looking back seems so silly. I am starting from a much different place this time, and am really excited to bring some more muscle and a bit more size to the stage this time.

Still deciding on a final show, but there better be one in April, because that is when I intend to compete. I will be ready. I am arming myself with my support structure which is in place…my 2 home gyms which I intend to visit daily, and an arsenal of recipes that I have tested and tried over this off season which I LOVE, and that are squeeky clean.

I received so much support last time around, and I look forward to all the comments, love and support from anyone who chooses to read this blog this time around…Look for my posts weekly!

…and so it begins…round 2 🙂Image