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Well, my first competition is done. I had an amazing experience, and when I think about stepping on that stage, I smile. Every time.

So….what’s next? When I think about this question, I feel excited and nervous inside. I have SO many ideas, thoughts and plans, but right now, I am trying to keep my inner fat girl from taking over. I KNEW that this would be the most difficult part of the journey…for me. Having a goal and being focused is one thing. I am able to do this. This is the part that is a bit more challenging, but the part that I am DETERMINED to master. LONG before June 16, I researched and planned how to stay on track post competition. I have been called obsessive and people have asked when I intend to ‘take a break’.

My answer is, I am not going to take a break. Just as we need water air and food to live, MY body needs movement. I have been working out daily for about 2 years now, with my focus on competition diet for the last 16 weeks. I think that I am in a pretty good groove….now for the reality.

It would be REALLY amazing to live in the body that I had on June 16…truth is, it is unrealistic. There is a bit of a correction, for me, a few lbs, and I still feel really lean. It is nice to be able to be a little less strict with my food (ketchup…mmmm ketchup) and a few gummy candies here and there, and my beloved glass of red wine…beyond that, I am trying to re introduce foods very slowly, and am still learning new things daily. I KNOW that diet is the most important part of being lean, and this is the part that is challenging for me, so I am going to take it one day at a time, and not let the pendulum swing to far to the other side. One of my goals is to be more conditioned. I’ve added running into my training, and so far am really loving it. Once daily training feels like HEAVEN after living at the gym for so long. Last week was a very moderate training week. Going forward, I am looking forward to some work. 🙂

So, for now, I am going to train hard, keep my diet tight, keep ‘fat girl’ in check…..and keep working on my goals… Stay tuned!!


I’m a figure competitor :)

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What a wild ride. This has truly been a remarkable journey, that ended (or began) on the eve of Father’s day, which is special for 2 reasons. Many of you know I lost my dad to cancer a few years back, and he has always been a huge motivating force in my life. He has always guided me spiritually and emotionally, and taught me that NO challenge is too dream is too big….if you put your mind to it, you can achieve it. So dad, this is for you. You believed in me, more than I did myself. I miss you. The second reason this is special is, I am married to the MOST incredible man alive. My best friend of 20 years. We have been through a LOT together in 20 years as you would imagine…first apartment, marriage, 3 kids, and all that comes with that….. He has stood by me, giving me the space and time I needed to follow my dream. He has been my rock through this incredible time, picking up the pieces that I dropped along the way…

This journey reminded me that people ARE inherently good. People reach out to help, encourage and be there for you. I have had the most incredible support, just when I needed it. There were days when I would walk into the gym and curse under my breath at how much I would rather be sleeping than at the gym…on days like that I would get a message from Nia, Katie, Malecia, Debbi or Maranda telling me to hang in there, to persevere and to keep working hard….and to keep PUSHING…and texts from my coach Sara, telling me how strong I am, and how much she knows I can do this.

There were days when I would come home at night from the gym completely spent…knowing that Jeff was equally exhausted, with tears in my eyes…I never even had to say anything. He would just send me to bed and take care of the rest…

There were days where I doubted my reasons for doing this, and I would go on the LIO board or the figure competitor boards on Facebook, and find that I was not alone, or selfish, or silly for pursuing this dream…

I have not only discovered my best/strongest body, I have discovered my best/strongest mind, and part of my soul through this experience. I have met some wonderful people, and have made some incredible friendships.

On June 16, I became a figure competitor…two trophies, (Figure Short, Figure Masters Short) and a 5th place medal for Model Search. One journey ended, but a new one begins….

Here is a video my amazing sister friend Maranda put together for me. I still cry every single time I watch it. A heartfelt thank you to all of you who clicked ‘like’ to my Goodlife check-ins, for all the love, encouragement and support! I did it!!