10 weeks to go…intensity, FOCUS, consistency.

Posted: April 6, 2012 in Uncategorized




Weight 124.4

Waist 23.5

hips 36.5

calf 14


10 weeks to go. The last couple of weeks have brought with it more intensity, and further cleaning of my diet. Feeling like I am a pretty good routine, though temptation and roadblocks are ALL around me…or so it seems.

It doesn’t matter. The results we reap are a direct reflection of the choices we make on a daily basis. I KNOW that my choices are not always perfect….nor will they ever be. I am not super human, and so while I falter from time to time with diet, and with the intensity of my workouts…what I CAN say is that I have not missed one training session even though there were a few days when I threw a silent tantrum on my way there. ;). My goal in the next week is to give up the couple of things that I am clinging on to. I KNOW that once I do…changes in my body will follow quickly…funny how we hang on to ‘comfort’. Change is UN-comfortable, so time for me to let go. Time to feel a little more uncomfortable.

So, I am going to keep on keepin’ on…10 more weeks to PUSH as hard as I possibly can.

  1. Kaylee Norton says:

    YOU GO GIRL!!! It’s interesting looking at your stats knowing where I’m at… I’m, like, 20 LBS heavier than you and my comp is 2 weeks sooner, LOL!

  2. Your waist is so damn little, lol. I’ve always been thick-waisted, I think mine is 28. A young gal I work with just placed first in a figure competition. I am so glad it’s over… she was looking too thin and being super cranky. It’s really refreshing to follow your more balanced approach and fun to take a peek inside your world. Soooo rooting for you!!

    • Thanks Suze! Definitely not cranky…feeling really great. My waist is little I guess, I don’t know what average is, but I’m only 5’1…:) feeling good..just really trying to condition my LEGS and BOOTAY! Any Advice you have would be appreciated!! I never realized that I hold my fat there!

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