12 weeks to go…but who’s counting…

Posted: March 24, 2012 in Uncategorized



Weight 128.

Waist 23.75

Hips 36

calves 13.75


So…I’m 12 weeks out. Enjoyed March break with my family, and while I did make it to the gym, my diet was not the greatest. Excuse alert : Being on vacation with 3 boys and a hubby that eat anything really makes it difficult to stay on track. LOL…truth is…I wasn’t ‘scared’ enough…There are no excuses. I made bad CHOICES.

Came back home to a RUDE awakening…sure, travel makes you hold water…yadda yadda…when I stepped on the scale that night…the scale said…wait for it….142. something… I cursed a few bad words…then stepped back on. Yup. 142. Frack. 

The next morning, after a night of catching up on water etc…the scale was kinder. 135. I wasn’t thrilled…my week away had cost me about 5 lbs.

I have a family, so holidays, dinners out and straying from the routine that I WOULD have if  I were a single girl…are inevitable. Managing family life and training is a balancing act. This is also a learning experience, so I am paying close attention to what my body is doing…and why.

After being back for a week, a diet that is COMPLETELY clean (with the odd ketchup transgression), my weight is back down to 128. I am pleased, working hard, and happy with where I am.

I struggled at the beginning with whether or not I will be ready on June 16. I am not struggling anymore. I am working as hard as I possibly can, pushing myself in my workouts, and I feel pretty calm and relaxed. My routine is solid, and while it is challenging to fit in some of my workouts, I am learning that being flexible sometimes is part of the lesson, and that throwing tantrums do not help.

Support is key in this journey, and sometimes you find it in the places you least expect. I am thankful for all the support I am receiving.

So, I have decided that instead of freaking out as the weeks get smaller, I am going to keep it moving…keep lifting as heavy as I possibly can, plug in my earphones…and enjoy the ride. On June 16, I WILL be standing on stage. Sexy clear shoes and all. 🙂

  1. Katie Squires says:

    I see FIERCE determination in you, you are making it work and you are working HARD! I love that you find ways to make it fit and be fun too….like intervals out in the sunshine, weights in the backyard…and yes ROLLERBLADING 🙂

  2. Sue Halliburton says:

    I was totally in the same boat last week! Went on vacation and actually did pretty well most of the time, including preparing and bringing all my food. Got a little sloppier toward the end, but a couple less than perfect days were better than the whole week! But after we got home, then I started cheating like crazy!!! I was up to 139+. I have cut calories and eaten perfectly this week, and I’m 129.8. Whew! I have a ways to go, but my show is the weekend before yours, and I don’t want to panic either!!!

  3. Julie says:

    Awesome attitude Liz. I believe in you!

  4. Chela says:

    Great attitude, Liz! Your ability to adapt is key to why you are able to course-correct so quickly and so efficiently. You can do this!

  5. Tanja says:

    Liz you are just amazing! You can do it and you will do it! You are one of the strongest person I’ve ever met. Everybody has better days and others but you always get back on track. At the end of this journey you will not just look great ( by the way you look great already 🙂 ) but also know yourself better than ever. I admire you for what you are doing!
    I wished I could be there in June, see you on stage and cheer for you…

  6. jenn says:

    Hang in there Liz – it sounds like you have a good handle on what’s going on inside of you which is AWESOME! Is this show local? I am starting to want to see you on this stage!!!

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