23 weeks to go…Conquering the Monotony…

Posted: January 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

The last couple of weeks have been ‘meh’. Lol. Love my technical terminology? I have been getting ‘bored’ with my routine. Before training for this figure competition, I was a cardio lover. Loved to run, use the crosstrainer, anything that I could do that would get my heart pumping, and blood circulating through my veins. Not that I didn’t love weights too…but the ‘high’ that I get from a good cardio workout is second to none. While I am now training really hard doing weights, which I love, it has become a bit of a ‘chore’. I wasn’t prepared for this.

23 weeks is a LONG time. I intend to reach my goal, but not at the risk of sacrificing the very reason that I work out. I work out because I LOVE to. If I don’t love what I am doing, or the way it makes me feel, chances are, I won’t do it. (I’m just being honest). On my Facebook ‘Girly Girl’ page, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Girly-Girl-in-a-Boys-World-Liz/176181015735225 I asked what people like to do to counteract boredom…here are some of the responses I received…

“It’s one of the reasons that I have chosen CrossFit (with friends) and trail running. They never get boring or feel like a chore. Always something new and surprising. Always shakes me up and makes me sore in all new ways. But it also has enough continuity and consistency that I keep working steadily on my core lifts too, so that I can follow my program and track progress.” Thomas KFM (who has a really great blog) http://www.killfatme.com/

“Booty Camp…Dance like no one’s watching.. Then pick a challenge.. Photo Shoot… for me no one else but me.. visualizing the results great motivator.. Looking Fine Fit and Fab at 44.. so much Fun…” Fitness Model Dionne Sinclair https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dionne-Sinclair-Fitness-Model/104594316262680

“..my workout has never become a chore. 6+ years of jazzercise, baby. 😉 so, yeah, I guess that’s a vote for group classes. fitness + friends = never bored. =)” My spark friend Staci

“Booty camp… Body pump!! Starting their 8 week fitness challenge tomorrow….” Amy

From the responses I have received…it sounds like varying routine, doing different types of workouts and working out with friends, really help. My plan this week, and going forward, is to still stick with my strength training program, but to add in really fun cardio elements. I love Body Combat classes, the mix of martial arts and ‘punching stuff’ really appeals to me. I will also be doing a core class on Monday nights, with my friend Katie, who also has an amazing blog… http://lauriekatiesowrite.blogspot.com/

Two other friends I would be remiss not to mention. Workout Nirvana…. https://www.facebook.com/WorkoutNirvana

Malecia C. who has given SO much of her time to help me through this… https://www.facebook.com/pages/Malecia-C-Figure-Competitor/155051344555961

Take a minute to click on the links!

This journey is a tough one. One that is testing my endurance, physical limits and emotional strength…I am glad I have such awesome friends to help me along the way…

23 weeks to go….at 20 weeks out, I will be posting my stats weekly, for accountability. (I’m giving myself a little time to ‘catch up’ after the holiday debacle. 🙂

  1. Katie Squires says:

    Here’s to finding the fun again, I bet a little mixing it up and all will be right again 🙂

  2. Thanks for the shout out! You’re a babe. I know how it is. Ok… I DON’T actually :). You know I live to lift. I wonder about this. Use your training log and learn something new every week. Do you listen to badass tunes? Do you feel like a badass when you’re training? Do you look like one? Adjust your persona in the gym, my sister. Walk in there like you own it and everybody’s envying you. Now THAT’S interesting! Hehe…

    • Lol! I do all of the above..thing is, I’m a recovering cardio junkie…and from time to time I still miss it…and the winters here are just downright nasty..this week has been great, added in some group classes and felt like myself again…I’ve lived in the gym since I was about 19…but heavy lifting is new. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it, but for me, variety is the spice of life!!! :)) thanks for reading and posting…you are awesome!!!

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