28 weeks out…

Posted: December 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

28 Weeks to go till I step on stage. Seems like a long way off, but lots of work to be done in that time.

Christmas is so close, and my battle with ‘Fat Girl’ is in full swing….breaking with routine allows for my inner fat girl to visit. I don’t really want to see her, but I know that the next few weeks, she will inevitably come to visit. My goal is to only see her once on the weekend, and then, come January, I’m gonna have to say goodbye to ‘fat girl’ for a while…I am mentally preparing for this. She loves to bring me candy… 🙂

Jokes aside, this week, diet was a challenge. Water as a challenge. With the cold weather, it is getting harder to drink my goal of 4L of water, so I am trying to drink peppermint and green tea, which helps….but it is still difficult. I feel like I have entered hibernation mode, which has me craving lasagna, home-made baked bread, and all other sorts of comfort food. So I acknowledge this, and my goal for this week is to find variations of these foods that will still keep me on course for what I am setting out to accomplish. Growing muscles. The great thing about training through the winter, is that because I am trying to grow muscles, I do not need to cut calories, but my focus is on eating as clean as possible, and fueling my workouts. I noticed that it is nice not to let myself be hungry. I know that when cutting time arrives, this will be different, but I am also trying to focus on now. Not yesterday, not tomorrow, just NOW. Every choice I make NOW will make a difference.

I took some pictures this weekend, and noticed that my legs are less jiggly, my back is leaner, and I am starting to see some abdominal muscles. My coach, noticed that my bum is less ‘fat’. :). I will continue to clean up my diet, and will NOT beat myself over the head come Christmas. My plan to manage Christmas is to allow myself Christmas day to eat those things I completely enjoy. I will not eat anything that does not taste good to me, and I will savour every single bite of the things that do, paying attention to my portions (of course)…and there will only be 1 day of indulgence. On New Years Eve, I will enjoy a couple of glasses of champagne (my fave) as well as a really delicious meal. Those are the two days which I intend to enjoy with food, all the others, I will enjoy the company of my friends and family, without the food. (I am saying this out loud to be held accountable, and will report back).

Big accomplishments for me last week…Leg pressed 340lbs. Never thought I would ever do this, and I did.

Finally curled 30 lbs (couldn’t get past 25)

Did 1 legged push ups 4 x 12 (never even tried to do one before)

What I learned from this? I am stronger than I think, or give myself credit for.

What I need to do this week?


Focus this next rotation is to build my upper body, which to me looks piddly compared to my legs. (Which have gotten bigger) So instead of talking myself out of lifting really heavy, I am going to give it all I’ve got. I am looking forward to seeing my pictures on January 6. I hope I see some progress. Scratch that. I KNOW i’ll see progress. 🙂

Off to the gym.

  1. Nia says:

    Keep pushing Liz!!! Remember to train hard and live the rest of your life as the champ that you already are!! I’m super proud of you and I’m confident that you have the will and drive to PUSH through and achieve those goals!!! I’m so proud of you and hoping to take from ur motivation to get my butt moving again!! I can’t wait to see u take your first step on that stage!!! You WILL BE AMAZING (you already are)!!!!!

  2. Katie Squires says:

    I love the part on focusing on now and not worrying about the rest 🙂 You are one STRONG and BEAUTIFUL WOMEN! Thank-you for working out with me tonight, I am learning a lot from you…and heck just hanging out with you fills me with inspiration!

  3. Soooooo envious that you two lovely ladies get to work out together!! Love that you’re meeting your goals and guurl, curling 30 pound rocks! Ok, I don’t even know what to say about pressing that much either. Who is pushing you?? I have never been that high and I’ve been lifting for years! I’m always kind of worried about my knee so… (enter excuse here :)). Watching you develop – from your blog, to your FB page, to your personal training – is fabulous and rewarding. Love ya!!!

    • Awwwwww…Suze. I think about that. Who’s pushing me? The picture I see in my head…I am excited to get there, and I know that every workout, every sleep, and every delicious morcel I put in my mouth help get me there. 🙂 Plus, I want to join the rank of ‘super badass’ like u ;). Working out with Katie is awesome. There is no shortage of inspiration around. I believe inspiration is in everything. Just depends on how you look at things! 🙂

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