New dreams, new goals, new reality.

Posted: November 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

My weight loss journey is  just that. A journey. It started way before I had kids…in fact, it started once I met my hubby. I’d always been at about 120 lbs, which was comfortable for me….then, I met my hubby Jeff, fell in love, and instantly put on 25 lbs. My very first weigh in at Weight Watchers had me at 143.5 lbs. A number that will forever be etched into memory :)…this was approximately 18 years ago…

Once I got to my goal weight, I still struggled but managed to maintain a healthy weight…except during and after pregnancy. I’m very efficient at putting on weight, and with my first son, tipped the scales at 202. I don’t think I have ever said that aloud…but I now wear it proudly, for we are much more than what we weigh…a revelation that is taking me a lifetime to learn….

That's me on the right, at about 170 lbs..

Since having our 3 boys, I manage to maintain a weight at around 120-125 lbs …I think my body likes it there….though secretly, I wish the scales would show me a different number…forever trying to lose 5. 🙂

At goal weight...I think I was at around 119 here...

Having goals are really important for me. So I have recently decided to enter a figure competition in June, 2012. I am really excited, and equally scared, but I am up for it!

What’s challenging about this journey is the change in mindset, and the way that I have had to look at food…eating to fuel workouts, the delicate balance of carbs vs. protein vs. fat…eating to grow muscle, as opposed to counting calories, or points, to lose weight. During this process, the scale seems to be my nemasis, so I have decided to take other measures to keep myself in check. I’ve just taken my measurements, and will keep doing so periodically throughout this newest phase of my journey…which is definitely one of self discovery.

Working out with a different focus feels new, and has given me renewed energy. I would spend hours upon hours doing cardio, with very little strength training, and this is a new way of thinking…a new way of moving my body…to take it to the next level.

When I first got on the scale after having my 3rd baby boy… I won’t lie. At 5’1, weighing in at 170 lbs, I felt very discouraged having to lose some 50+ lbs…but I did it. There are definite highs and lows to any journey…taking two steps forward and one step back. I can only hope that at the end of this journey, I can post another picture, and feel equally proud to see what has happened, and how I have transformed not only my body, but my mind….

Anything worth having is worth fighting for…this journey is proving to be way more mentally challenging than physical, but I am ready for the fight, and ready for a new reality…on June 16th, I hope to have a new picture to post below. In the meantime, i’ll be putting in the work…let’s see what happens!

  1. Chela says:

    Way to go! I’m so excited to see what you do with this competition. Best of luck!

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