When it feels difficult…busting through plateaus.

Posted: September 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

Most times, I leave the gym feeling good, but I have been feeling that my workouts are lacking something. This morning on the elliptical, I had my moment, that really made me think about what I am doing with my body, actually, the last couple workouts. They have been REALLY challenging. Doing different things challenges your body. Doing one type of workout consistently may feel great, but may not help you change your body.

This morning while on the elliptical, I really felt like I could not continue. Then I thought about it. The part of the workout that makes the difference is the part that feels difficult. If it doesn’t feel difficult, it won’t make a difference. Not a REAL difference. So, I sucked it up, and pushed through the ‘ick’….and yes, I feel a little bit proud of me.

So, even though this is difficult, I plan on pushing outside of my comfort zone with my workouts  so that I can start to really see changes….running outside, adding body pump, doing that awful leg curl machine that I hate 🙂

Do you plan on working outside of your comfort zone? Share ideas!

  1. Good job Liz! Pushing outside our comfort zone is what makes the goodness happen! Me, I’m pushing it with every freaking rep. And if I’m not pushing it I can tell. Keeping yourself accountable not just to showing up but pushing your limits is the way.

    • Funny you know…I was just talking with a trainer. I have definitely not been challenging myself enough. I feel like today is a new start. It’s such a fantastic feeling. I am really looking forward to transforming my body!

  2. I am pushing myself for a speed goal…speed had never been my strong suit…I can run forever it seems…just slow…but to go fast is a challenge for me. So I have a goal of 10km in just under and hour. I also have a strength goal…to do ONE CHIN UP….I’m working at it 🙂

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