January 1…

Posted: September 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

Well, it’s not really, but I feel lots of inspiration and renewal. Maybe because of some time away that really helped me recharge the batteries, maybe because of a new school year…anyways, regardless of the reason, I feel renewed.

Looking forward to a week full of physical activity…trying to introduce some outdoor runs (thanks to inspiration from Clare) just did one today, and it was hard, but I feel the benefits…aside from a jiggly bum…

Adding in lots of veggies and prepping my salads for the week (thanks to inspiration from my kindred spirit Maranda). Looking forward to feeling great on the inside…feeling a little sluggish after a week of rum punch, champagne, akees and saltfish, and all of the other yummy stuff that came with our time away.

Really looking forward to upping the weights (thanks to Suzanne). Challenging myself in every aspect of my life this year, and looking forward to the benefits that will come with that. I also know that there WILL be setbacks, but I am ready for those, because if there are no setbacks, it means you are not striving for anything right?

Cheers to new goals, new challenges and achieving our dreams!


  1. I can feel the energy and excitement coming off of this post!

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