Focus on what you want to achieve, not on what you want to avoid…

Posted: May 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

My girl Nia, and one of my biggest inspirations, had this status on her Facebook yesterday. Talk about fortuitous timing.

My motivation has been ‘waning’ a little bit in the last few weeks, mainly because I think I have lost focus of my goal, or need to set some new ones. I had recently planned on doing a dragonboat race in June, and because of family commitments, am unable to participate…I think not having something  to focus on, made me relax a bit…too….much…

Often, I think…ohhh, eating healthy is so hard because of that piece of cake, or because of that piece of chocolate, or because of that (fill in the blank).  My focus is typically on the things I am trying to avoid. Never thought of it that way, till I read Nia’s post.

Focusing on what you want to achieve, makes you stronger, and helps create willpower.

Went to McDonald’s today, and because I was focussed on my goal, I didn’t even want any of those delicious fries…ok, maybe a little, but focussing on what I want to ACHIEVE made them a lot easier to AVOID!

Thank you NIA!!!

  1. Joania Burnett says:

    WOW!! You’re so welcome! You know how much I admire you and your dedication!! You are my inspiration as well!! I totally get the “waning” motivation….then I realized my focus is all wrong!! Times to switch it up!! Lets do it!! 🙂

  2. Kim Gallant says:

    You are a HUGE inspiration to me Liz! Thank you!!!

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