Back to basics!

Posted: April 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

Well, Fat Girl came for a really long visit….she’s been coming and going, but I really need for her to be GONE.

I know that life is a marathon, and so these visits from Fat Girl will probably continue…while I am learning how to say goodbye to Fat Girl after shorter periods of time, she seems to be  over staying her welcome lately. Being and emotional eater does not help, but self-reflection really does, as does keeping a journal.

Looking back at what I have written, it looks like tiredness is the main culprit. After a long week, or a long day, I have somehow managed to ‘reward’ myself with a glass of wine, or a piece of cake…or something less than nourishing for my body.

What’s difficult for me is consistency…so this is my own personal challenge for the next little while, along with recognizing that the thing that cures tiredness, is sleep, not chocolate cake and candy.

Positive….(because there always is a plus side) workouts have been amazing. After a week off and sleeping in till 7, my workout this morning was incredible….and while the scale is not where I need it to be, my body is strong. I am able to accomplish things that before kids, only dreamed of.

So today, I am saying ‘see ya’ to Fat Girl. I do enjoy her, but it’s time to let her go…again.

  1. Joania Burnett says:

    You always manage to right what I’m thinking!! Truly enjoy your of the reasons is because it’s always a hit of truth to me! Although I’ve been eating very clean and working out regularly for the past 3 weeks (down 14 pounds in total today), I am totally slacking on the journalling/blogging – I just can’t get to it….at nights when all tasks are done, I say that I will write it up but by the time my head hits that pillow, I’m out!! IJournalling is a crucial part of this journey for me…I would give it the a good portion of the credit for my prior success with getting healthy so I really need to get back to it! You give me hope darling. I know how busy you are and seeing you get it done is inspiring!! Thanks!

  2. Joania Burnett says:

    **sp** “WRITE” not right..I’m tired..

  3. Joania Burnett says:

    oops errors everywhere…going to bed!!

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