What do you see?

Posted: March 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

So often, we look in the mirror, and think, boy, would I like to change that, or geez, I really don’t like this…curly hair, you want straight hair, straight hair, you want curly hair. Tall, you wish you were a bit shorter, short, you dream of being taller…big boobs, you wish they were smaller, and well, you know, the list goes on. With the media, peer pressure and all other kinds of factors, it is easy to fall into this trap.

I am the same, and every so often, I need a reminder that God has made us all uniquely different, and BEAUTIFUL. Could you imagine if we all looked the same? How much would that suck.

So…this morning, as I put on my uniform (lulu’s for the gym) I consciously looked in the mirror, and pointed out the things I like and love about myself…(while secretly hoping I will return from the gym looking like J-LO) LOL…I think, that starting the day off with some positive self talk, instead of swirling negatives in our noggins, goes a long way towards reaching our goals.

So…now, look in the mirror…what do you see? What do you love about your body? Bet there’s a long list…

  1. Joania Burnett says:

    I think it is imperative for us women to start our day off on a positive note!! BEFORE we leave our house…because as soon as we step out, we are bombarded with fictitious, unrealistic and a lot of times, unhealthy images of what is beautiful.
    I’ve always tried to find something that I LOVED about my body for everything I didn’t like!! Soon I discovered that I am pretty beautiful all around and the rest of it just makes me that much more unique!! Great post Liz!

  2. Thanks Nia!

    Kris, this is for you.

    I like how BIG my eyes are (I used to get teased about this forever in school).
    I love how CURVY my body is…even when I am at my slimmest, I don’t lose my ‘curve’.
    I love how STRONG I have become, and how FIT. I can now run for over an hour, where before, I would be dying after 5 minutes.
    I love my skin. It’s healthy, and it glows. (not as much as J-Lo’s, but that’s ok)
    I love my long legs. Even though I am short, I think they make me look taller 😉
    I love my long fingers (I get this from my dad, which makes it extra special).

    There is more, but I think that’s enough… :))

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