Posted: March 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

Getting out of bed this morning was torture. Here is what went through my head.

I have 3 kids. That’s no excuse.

I work with kids, which is exhausting. That’s no excuse.

I wake up early in the morning to do my job. That’s no excuse.

I’m tired. That’s no excuse.

I just want to eat what I want to eat. That’s no excuse.

My body hurts. That’s no excuse……

I am not going to be a middle-aged mom, with no energy, and no spunk, complaining about my body while eating bonbons, too tired to play with my kids, and live life to the fullest.

Then, I thought.

I have 3 kids, so I PUSH.

I have beautiful kids that come to play with me every day that need me to be full of life and energy. so I PUSH.

I wake up early in the morning to do my job, so I will wake up EARLIER in the morning to do something great for myself FIRST, or else, undoubtedly, I will come LAST. So I PUSH.

I’m tired. So I wake up drag my butt out of bed to the gym, to fill my body with positive energy. I PUSH.

I want to eat what I want to eat. So I PUSH.

My body hurts. It’s a reminder of why I PUSH.

What am I pushing?? I am pushing all of those negative excuses out of my head, and turning them into something positive. All of my excuses, are the SAME things that motivate me. I realize that my mind is my own worst enemy. So, I PUSH, and I MOVE.

Some days are better than others. Music motivates me. Sunshine motivates me. Seeing people achieve their goals, motivates me.

Let’s PUSH together, let’s motivate each other, to be as fit, as healthy, and as HAPPY as we could possibly be.

  1. Joania Burnett says:

    YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!! THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED TO READ TODAY!!Thanks hon and keep rocking it out!! PUSH BABY!!!

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