Living in ‘the big picture’

Posted: February 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

‘Life is a marathon, not a track meet’.

So. I intentionally stepped off the wagon last week, and let FAT GIRL stay for 4 full LONG days. We ate, we drank wine. Then I kicked her butt at the gym on Tuesday morning, and said goodbye…I thought she left, but she lingered on Tuesday, and said ‘hello’ a couple of times on Wednesday…too long of a visit FAT GIRL!!

Finally, today, after almost a full week, I feel like I have regained control, for the most part. FAT GIRL cost me 4 lbs. Yup! 4 lbs. While most of them are gone now, what a surprise! I didn’t freak out, or tried not to, but it was difficult to step on the scale. While FAT GIRL was visiting, I gave thin Lizzy a break from the scale.

This maintenance thing really is a journey for me, and yes, some days I have a bad attitude about having to work so hard, but, when I think about all of the reasons that I do this, live and eat healthy, 4 main reasons come to mind. Jeff, Kai, Zay and baby Kaeden. I will continue to do what I need to.

Life lasts a LONG time. Eating healthy, working out daily, taking time for self, takes balance, discipline, and stick-to-it-ness. Sometimes I have it in me, sometimes I don’t. But when I do, I give it 110%. When I don’t, I am going to try to give myself a break. I get some really good advice from friends, about being kind to yourself, and looking at the big picture. This is SO true, and VERY important.

So, thank you FAT GIRL for allowing me a few days of bliss :). I know I’ll see you soon…but hopefully, not too soon.

  1. You are doing all the right things, girlfriend. Wow, that’s some cardio you put in. And you’re so right that it just takes practice to get the “stick-to-itness” down. At some point, after doing it consistently, diet can become something you aren’t willing to miss or give up or change. I don’t know your whole journey but I do know you motivate me too!

    • Thanks Suzanne! I’ve always been into working out, AND eating good food. When I turned 19, I moved in with my hubby (then boyfriend) and gained about 20 lbs…joined WW and lost about 35, successfully kept it off with watching what I eat, and working out twice a day…then, I got pregnant. Gained 75+ lbs (not sure how much the grand total was, since I stopped looking after that). Lost it all within 6 months, but I was 27. Had my second beautiful son at 31, gained 75 lbs, and lost it within 9 months. Third times a charm right? I vowed not to gain as much weight, but I am convinced this is just what my body does. I managed to gain another 70+ lbs in this last pregnancy, and was able to lose it all. Now, at almost 38, I am trying to maintain a healthy weight, with balance.

      I don’t want to give up ALL my treats, but I LOVE the way I feel when I am eating what my body tells me to eat. It’s just the devil on the left shoulder vs. angel on the right. Sometimes the lil devil takes over, but I am learning that that’s okay. You DO have to live a little….but my journey is one of keeping balance. With 3 kids, a hubby, and all kinds of other responsibilities, busy social life, I am just trying to do the best I can, and trying to feel great!

      Thanks for popping in. You motivate me SO much!

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