Maintenance….a fine balance

Posted: February 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

Maintenance. This is the part that I have trouble with, but this time around, I have a plan. Usually, what happens when I get to ‘goal’ is that I go crazy, and eat everything in sight. This time around, I have a concrete plan. Here are a few of the things I am going to do to help myself be successful at maintaining.

1. Set a goal ‘range’ weight, not an actual number.

I must admit, seeing ‘my’ number on the scale DOES indeed make me feel happy. I did get to see this number, and I was quite happy. But being somewhat of an ‘all or nothing’ kinda girl, seeing the same number on the scale daily is unrealistic. There are SO many variables that would make your number on the scale change. Some of these include…workout vs. no workout. High salt consumption, low water consumption, that ‘time’ of the month…evening vs morning weigh in…etc. Having a weight range is a much more realistic way to look at things. Based on this, I have given myself a 4 lb variance, which sets me up for success instead of failure and which gives me some flexibility for…

2. 1 weekly ‘treat’ meal.

Yup. You read correctly. Not a weekly treat DAY, just a weekly treat ‘meal’. In the past, I have allowed myself a weekly treat day, and guess what? That day turned into 2, then into 3, which for me, translates into 5-7 lbs easily. This WILL be challenging, because of all of the social things that happen in our day to day lives. Planning is key. To be able to keep with one cheat ‘meal’ means that I will have to make sure I plan accordingly.

3. Accountability

This may be the single BIGGEST point that will help me keep within my goal range. Accountability for me means a couple of things. Having someone else, once a week, look at the number on my scale, and tell me what it says. I HATE this, but it keeps me honest. In addition to this, I weigh myself DAILY. This is accountability to self. Sometimes when we stray, it’s really easy to say ‘ah, I won’t weigh myself today’, but you know, it is much easier to correct 1 or 2 lbs, than 10-12 lbs.

4. Keeping a journal.

This has been a habit of mine for years. One which I sometimes take for granted, but it’s another thing that is very useful. I write down every single morsel of food that enters my mouth…looking back at some of my journals, and weight (I also record my daily weight) I can see on weeks where I am more successful than others, what I ate, how much I ate, and If I am having a tough time, I go back and look to see what I could do to jumpstart my body. I also do try to limit my BLT’s (bites, licks and tastes). Sometimes, after cooking dinner, I have ‘tasted’ so much, that I am no longer hungry for dinner….but I still eat!! Now, whenever possible, the boys, or Jeff, get to be the taste testers, and I stand clear, until meal time!

5. The Gym!

Taking care of my insides are just as vital to taking care of my outsides. Going to the gym keeps me centered, focused, calm, and makes me feel strong. When I feel all of these things, I feel I am less likely to eat emotionally…which is a huge issue for me.

So, with all of these things in place, let’s see how I do in this whole maintenance phase. I am still going to keep this blog going, probably weekly, sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly. Cuz I am sure I will see ‘Fat Girl’ from time to time, which is alright. I am just hoping to limit her visits… 🙂

I would LOVE to know what works for you girls and guys out there, where maintenance is concerned. Please let me know what things I can add to my list!!


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