KO! Thin Lizzy 1 – ‘Fat Girl’ 0!!

Posted: January 31, 2011 in Uncategorized

Well, this week was something different. VERY challenging. After a week of really struggling to make good choices, my inner ‘fat girl’ finally made an appearance on Friday night. Just a little appearance, but an appearance nonetheless. I indulged in a granola bar, crackers, chips…well, the list continued. It wasn’t pretty. But, after reflecting, I understand why. My protein content for the week was not where it should be, which caused me to crave those ‘not-so-good’ carbs.

A lot of people have been asking what my ‘diet’ is, so here is a typical day…

am – cottage cheese, yogurt, fruit.

mid morning – almonds, fruit, cheese

lunch- salad with chicken breast or tuna

mid aft snack – protein bar (200 cals or less)

dinner – grilled or steamed veggies, steak, fish or eggs, high protein pita, avocado

bedtime snack – apple with a small piece of cheese.

This RARELY varies. I also drink BOAT loads of water and tea, and try to stay away from caffeine wherever possible.

Like I said, this week was tough. We went to the hockey game last week, which was challenging…my boys were snacking on licorice, m and m’s, while I sipped on…nothing…lol. Later that week, I went to the movies with a girlfriend, and sipped on a HUGE soda water, when what I really wanted was an extra large salty popcorn. To add fuel to the fire, I hosted a dinner party on Saturday, and sat through dessert, with my glass of wine, making every last sip count. Making these choices are still always going to be difficult for me, but the end result is what I try to keep in mind. This doesn’t mean that once at goal, I won’t ‘treat’ myself occasionally, but it definitely has to be once in a while, and not on the regular.

So, feeling a little pleased with my 2 lb loss this week. 1 more lb to go. Hopefully I have happy news to share next week.

I am ALWAYS looking for a great new protein bar, shake, meal ideas, so please, if you have a few extra minutes, share them with me!

  1. Maranda says:

    Wow, you’re almost there! Great work Thin Lizzy.

    And making good choices is easier with solidarity. If you weren’t at the movies, I absolutely would have had popcorn. Whether it’s a teamwork thing or just shame (lol) it’s good to have like minded people around.

    Try the Hemp Hearts to add some good protein to your meals. They’re also full of other good stuff, Omegas, calcium, etc. etc. Awesome stuff, just sprinkle some on your yogurt or cottage cheese.

    • Man, I so feel you on the popcorn. LOL. I genuinely laughed out loud reading that. I would have been head first in the biggest popcorn full of butter…but ya, you being there definitely kept me in check. Hopefully we don’t start corrupting each other!!! lol…wanna be my movie buddy? Jeff sucks. He just eats the popcorn and slaps my hand away…hahahah!!

      Thanks for the support. I’m def gonna try the hemp seeds. Independent right?

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