Checking in before official weigh in Monday…

Posted: January 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

Just thought I’d check in to share a little bit before my official weigh in on Monday. Down 3.2 lbs, which I ‘hope’ to maintain over the weekend. Weekends are always tough with all of our family and other social engagements. The reason I chose Monday for weigh in day, is to keep me on task at the weekends. The reason I have posted my current weight loss total for the week, is to give myself some accountability. Small thing, but it works for me!

Share what works for you!

Things that I am proud of this week? I think I managed to stay on task pretty well, managed to drag my butt to the gym 3 times this week, which is spectacular, considering it was my first week back.

I managed not to berate my self too much, and did find some positive things to hold on to. I already feel stronger than I did last week, and am slowly building back up to lifting the amount of weight I did before Christmas.

What things are you proud of? I’d love to hear them…

….stay tuned for my final weigh in on Monday, and ‘adventures’ in eating last week!!

  1. Michelle Thompson says:

    I’m already down 2 lbs, which I’m really happy about. What works for me is eating smaller portions, and I’m proud to say I’m back on track, my meals are smaller. I still have to work on not eating after 8pm…which became a habit during the holidays. Haha!! Let’s see how that go!!!
    The gym is not my thing, but I love to walk…so I walk 30 mins a day.

    • That’s amazing! Portion control is difficult, especially when you have a full buffet of Trini food in front of you right?? 🙂 That’s amazing Roxy! You’ll have the last 2 gone in no time! I have such a BIG appetite, and working from home does not help this… I really need to find my inner strength, and reading all these posts really help!! Thanks for reading, and posting!

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