Goodbye Fatgirl…

Posted: January 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

Well, it’s January 1. I try not to do resolutions, because personally, I think they set you up for failure. I am however, going to set myself up with some achievable goals….January 1 always feels like a good place to start.

My goal for over Christmas was to stay below a certain weight, and I did manage to achieve that, however, my inner ‘fat girl’ had a little too much of a visit, and instead of just seeing her on the inside, she’s peeking out a lil bit, in the form of ‘muffin top’. lol.

On a serious note, I am blogging about my ‘inner fat girl’ because I fight with the same 10 lbs every year. I suppose fighting with 10 lbs is better than fighting with let’s say 50, but this year, I am going to try to decrease my 10 lb variance to a 3 lb variance.

Through my 37 years with myself, the last 11 years have really been an eye opener to the miracle of what is my body. Here is what I have discovered helps me reach my weight loss and fitness goals.

Accountability – hence the blog. I am going to share the good, the bad and the ugly. I WILL NOT post my weight, but I WILL post my +/-. My current goal is to lose 12 lbs. Yup. I gained 9 lbs this holiday season.  I need to lose 9 to get back to my happy place, but my personal best is 12 lbs away.

Food intake – I cannot stress enough that this for me, makes up 95% of getting to my goal. Eating clean is what works, and being honest about what I put in my mouth. Those BLT (bites, licks and tastes) are a killer. Having 3 boys who eat what they want….makes this a challenge. One of the things I plan on doing to counter this, is to try to buy/make foods that they like and I don’t. Sounds silly, but really works.

The other thing I plan on doing is NOT DEPRIVING MYSELF. I have fallen short in this area, and I know that this is one of the things that keeps me off the ‘proverbial’ wagon. I am going to try to include a  small indulgence for myself daily. Not sure what this will be yet, but I’ll definitely blog about it!

Positive Self Body Image – Watching television, looking at other people, all of these things, though I hate to admit it, make me envious. I am actually quite happy about my body. It works, I can keep up with my boys, and hubby, and through this last year, have been able to change the shape of my body considerably through weights. My workout routine consists roughly of 30 minutes of weights, and 30 minutes of cardio Monday to Friday. I do not work out on the weekend, but try to fit in something physical with the boys, which is quite easy, they are quite busy. So every morning, corny as it sounds, I try to pick one or two positive things about my body, which I then try to focus on during my morning workout, or throughout the day.

The dreaded ‘SCALE’ – I weigh myself once daily, in the morning, first thing. Some mornings I try to talk myself out of it, especially if I have had a nice cozy visit with my inner ‘fat girl’ the day before, but this is the single most accurate measure of the damage I have done (or not). Some people like to use an article of clothing as a measure. This does not work for me. By the time my pants are too tight, it’s 7 lbs. Too much.

The GYM! – Working out does not particularly help me with weight loss….I know…GASP!! But it doesn’t. It helps me shape my body, and feel better on the inside, look better on the outside, but really doesn’t help with weight loss. That’s all about diet. It’s been about 6 months now since I have been a gym rat, and has done wonders for my self esteem, energy levels, and general well being. So even though it does not help with weight loss (for me) working out accomplishes so much more than just weight loss, and I could not imagine my day without a workout.

I really believe that life is better together, helping each other. I definitely need help, and I know that there are SO many of us out there with the same struggles. Please follow me, post tips to help me say goodbye to ‘fat girl’…and if you need help with accountability, I am here. Whether it be working out, weight, diet…I can pass along what I know, and what works for me, and PLEASE pass along all your little tricks that work for you!! 

Thanks for reading, I am looking forward to my next blog post, where I can report that I am ‘less’ of me.

  1. Maranda says:

    Oh I love you! Did you read my blog post today about needing to lose 12 lbs? Yes 12, not 10, or about 10, but 12. You’re (obviously) one of the only people I know who can understand how hard it is and how three pounds is a LOT. Looking forward to having someone in my camp, we can trade recipes and drink boatloads of tea together… You can do it, I can do it, we can do it!

  2. mytelioness says:

    I love this Liz! First, let me just say that you are one smokin’ Mama!!! I mean WOWZAAAAA!!!
    I think other than the amazing Brown genes, I manage to stay thin by eating less, more often. Sometimes I don’t even have to work out and I lose weight. Running hasn’t been in my life for a couple months now and it makes me very sad but I still do frequent the gym. I have the P90X meal plan with helps greatly, or any physical trainer at your gym should be able to help you get on track. They may tell you to stay away from your sweets, but I agree with you and refuse to deprive myself. You know how I love my cupcakes! 🙂 Anyway…moderation and being happy with your efforts and success. I’m keeping tabs on you. GOOD LUCK BEAUTIFUL!

    • Thanks sweet girl! My problem actually isn’t losing weight so much, it’s managing holidays!!! LOL…I think I am so strict in my daily diet ‘life’ that on holidays or weekends, I just let myself ‘be’. The problem is that it is such a departure from how I normally eat that my body must freak out or something. LOL…so, I am trying to have one treat per day, which I hope will help curve the feeling to go crazy on weekends. I am thinking that I may also need to re-adjust what my goal weight should be…being closer to 40, I guess I have to be more realistic about that…

      Thanks for the support!!!

  3. Krisztina says:

    Ok Girlzzzzz, so YOU tell me! How did IIIIIIIIIII do today?? I drank LOTS of water! Cut back BIG TIME on carbs………Ate small, healthy portions! But did not exercise b/c I don’t feel so good………..I hope you agree it’s a good first day for me! Pleeeeeeease say yes!!!

  4. Tanya says:

    You truly are amazing Liz and you ALWAYS look fabulous!!
    If anyone can achieve their goals its you!! I know that you will conquer this goal and I’m here cheering for you!!

    You inspire me everyday!!

  5. Janelle says:

    Liz, I love reading these. I get ya though, my muffin top is poking through too so I’m aiming for 8 lbs. I gave it a start last week but I need to get motivated big time, so hard. I was thinking of getting a weighted hoola hoop and doing that with the treadmill, have you heard anything on those?

  6. I haven’t! But a weighted hoola hoop sounds like so much fun!!! Christmas is a tough time of year eh? Sugar is such a killer!!

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