I love Christmas but…

Posted: December 22, 2010 in Uncategorized

…I have such a sweet tooth!

This is truly challenging, and today I feel like I have all but fallen under the wagon! Today, I envy all tall skinny people…lol…being ‘petite’ does not afford me the luxury of eating multiple shortbreads, chocolate and all the other delicious treats this time of year, and ‘hiding’ those holiday lbs…so, my goal is to keep up the positive self talk, which IS challenging right now.

This morning was almost a bust. I just wanted to sleep in, and not go to the gym….it took me longer than usual to get out of bed, but I knew that I was meeting my workout buddy, and didn’t want to let her down. My body is pretty sore from yesterday, which is a really good thing, but OUCH!!

Got to the gym, and my buddy didn’t show!! Although I was disappointed, I am still really glad that I went. Killed legs yesterday, so did upper body.


Shoulders with medicine ball

Tricep dips

100 crunches on ball

Got bored after this, but just in time for a body pump class, so did that. Good workout, felt different. Hadn’t been to a class in quite some time, so it was wonderful to switch it up.

My personal challenge today is to drink 2 liters of water, to keep a positive attitude, and to keep one foot on the wagon….did I mention I have a sweet tooth? I can’t wait for all the baking to be out of the house…

If anyone has any willpower, please send some my way…I seem to have misplaced mine…

  1. i always seem to gravitate to food, nutrition and natural herbal health products/blogs. I read your entry “I love Christmas but…” I usually stay away from commenting but i do put in my simple advice to some people about aromatherapy, fruits as oppose to snacks and also the quality of your sleep. I also learn alot from everyone’s comments/experiences.

    Yes I am a tall skinny girl but I also love good rich pumpkin pie and cheesecake and good old fashion ice cream (not low fat stuff) and sometimes the pounds do register in the wrong regions of the body. And I try to work at it to redirect it in the right places.

    I admire your sticktoitism and yes drink alot of water…. that is a major key…. especially if you can get alkaline water (Kangien water) yes it matters, the body absorb it faster and flushes your system faster (huge benefits). (think clean fish tank) and also check out my website if you have time look under products and take in the info on Le Vive… it is good stuff… i use it on a daily basis. It can help you lose weight allowing your body to retain what it needs and get rid of what it does not need naturally as God intended & it also helps you sleep better ~ restful sleep 🙂

    • That’s pretty cool Charmaine…I’m a health nut too, and do not like to feel chubby, because it slows me down, and I need to keep up with my busy boys…have you read any other good fitness blogs? I’m always looking for new ways to be healthy, and eating clean, though this again, really is a challenge, but something that I strive for and work at. Thanks for reading!!

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